Everyone knows that shit’s bad right now. Everyone.

It doesn’t seem like it because “they” control the news and made it taboo to talk about, but people are smart (or they have internet anyway).

Half of the planet is literally on fire. Costs have doubled, the worlds superpowers are at our doorstep, the dollar has lost whatever value it had left, people are randomly dropping dead, and the ones who caused this all are probably on vacation somewhere.

We need to connect locally more than ever right now. Meet your neighbors, build your networks, socialize your children.

Stop dreaming that the people trying to control you are going to set you free, or even be able to remotely undo the damage they have caused.

I’ve had hope before that one or two of them might be honest about their commitment to the people, but always disappointed when it comes down to it. Until now.


I met RFK Jr. at my neighbor’s house last weekend.

I’ve never voted in my life, but always thought that I might if there were someone worthwhile. This man has almost swayed me.

Full Video: RFK Jr speaks to Weare, NH on August 6, 2023

I missed his announcement in Boston, although it was only an hour away.

I also missed seeing him in June, but I was in the packed room for his introduction.

I was running the live stream outside so that the hundreds that couldn’t get in would still be able to see him… and I had to run out to start it up right as he was taking the stage.

It was recorded though, and we were able to watch it live from my campsite.

You can watch that full speech here…

Full Video: RFK Speaking at Porcfest in Lancaster, NH on June 22, 2023

I’ve been a fan of his since hearing about Children’s Health Defense back in 2020, and I love what I’ve heard from him at these talks. I trust Kennedy.

My only criticism so far is that he won’t promise to Free Ross.

Kennedy promised to immediately investigate Ross Ulbricht’s case, and if he felt that Ross was punished as an example, then he will give him clemency.

Anyone that spends 30 seconds looking at Ross’s “crime” vs. punishment will know that he was obviously punished as an example.

10 Years Later: Here’s What People Say About #RossUlbricht


❤️❤️ Ross Ulbricht’s Mom, Lyn, at my campsite surrounded by love after Porcfest ’23 ❤️❤️

I’ve been friends with Ross’s Mom Lyn since Anarchadelphia in 2019. I was actually talking with her at that event, and Ross happened to call from prison. Lyn put him on speaker, but I was literally speechless yet I had so much I wanted to say.

Brian and Lyn at the Anarchadelphia Pro Skate Competition

The drive and energy that Lyn has is truly remarkable as she has been fighting for over 10 years to find some justice for her son.

Ross was sentenced 200 years in prison for creating The Silk Road. Yes, double life sentence plus 40 years for creating a website. He’s going on 11 years now locked in a cage, which got worse in 2020 as lock-downs even affected prisons.

The website was the world’s first online marketplace that accepted Bitcoin. It created a virtual Silk Road where buyers and sellers from around the world could exchange online without any middle men.
And THAT is why he became an example.

I had the honor of introducing Lyn to Crosby, the owner of Roger’s Campground
(until I find a way to buy it from him) 😉


I also introduced Lyn to the filmmaker documenting the Crypto 6.

Yup, that’s a custom made J6 Insurrection pinball machine.
Gotta love Porcfest!

The Crypto 6 is a story about a few friends of mine that were raided at 6AM on March 16, 2021.

Over 50 federal agents from a soup of agencies broke through windows with Bearcats, sent in a drone, and pulled a sleeping couple out of their bed naked.

Because they used dollars inappropriately, or some stupid financial “crime” involving Bitcoin.

I wish I was exaggerating, but that was actually their response to a handful of non-violent money laundering charges.

Read her story here:

One of the Crypto 6 just went to prison for 18 months, which is why I now have a dog.

A few have worked out plea deals in exchange for the hope of less jail time.

And sentencing for the last one of the six is scheduled for the 11th of September. He had one of the best attorney’s, yet is facing almost 100 years in prison. For Bitcoin.

I’m not going to explain Bitcoin, or why it’s so much better than the dollar. RFK mentioned it in his talk at Weare, and is accepting it for campaign donations. It is a solution to many of our problems.

You know it must be good if the feds are locking up a young man for more than double life sentence, and busting down doors at 6am to try to stop it.

Maybe they’re scared of it.

If we fear them, and they fear Bitcoin, maybe using more Bitcoin would help us fear them less. 🤔


So, that leads me to me.
I am making my own example out of me. I like to inspire people, and encourage everyone to challenge yourself to be the best you can be.

I’ve built a business education center with co-working space, and classrooms, and started a weekly market on Friday. The business part is to help empower others to be able to create an independent business. The education is all about teaching our kids, and learning new skills from the experts in the community. The Wearehouse has meeting space, 3d printing, recording studio, virtual classrooms, library, plenty of land, and are located right in the heart of New Hampshire – Weare NH.


I only moved to this town in 2021, but have met some incredible people here. I jumped at the chance to get involved with the Weare Community Theater, and helped create The Pine Tree Riot play last year for the 250th anniversary of that event.

Cast of The Pine Tree Riot re-enactment April 9, 2022

I’ve also created a website for the town to use at It’s a model for what a town page could actually feel like… rather than the endless sea of forms and legalize on and most other .gov websites. is an effort to showcase the best parts of our local community, and promote local business and events… like the social gathering we’ve been enjoying on Friday’s, and some of the classes that will be hosted at The Wearehouse.

It is intended to be a model of what other towns could create as they begin to build stronger connections in their communities.

Video: Wearehouse Market Promo

Weare is just the beginning, and my larger focus is on all of New Hampshire. I Live Free every day, and owe some of that credit to this amazing place.


I am currently working on a project to create independent, decentralized media with local content produced in New Hampshire.

This utilizes decentralized technology to allow anyone to view, or broadcast content throughout New Hampshire.


DeCentralized Cloud Hosting at

I have a curriculum for teaching computer skills to the community. These classes will begin in September, but I’ve been practicing all summer with weekly Lunch & Learns, and an introductory class that I taught for Autonomy Unlimited. That class is available now at


Soon I will be starting up some space focused classes and events like a rocket club meetup for kids, and a weekly watch party for The Why Files video premiers. This will likely spawn a class to create our own tin foil hats.


Last, but not least, there’s YOU!!

If you would like to take part in any of these endeavors, you can join The Wearehouse at or sign up for the cloud hosting introduction class at

Our world is in jeopardy and we need to work together to solve the issues that we’re all facing. We have to connect with those around us, and form our own communities.

The people wanting to rule you, are not going to save you.

Well, let’s all hope that Kennedy is the exception.

Tom MacDonald & Adam Calhoun – “American Flags”

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Free State Project

BrianI am a father, anarchist, minimalist, business owner, and systems engineer. I have traveled throughout the country, cruised around the Caribbean, and visited Europe. I have lived my whole life in the small town of Bergen, NY. It is a great community, with the unfortunate geographic issue of being located in the least free state in the country.

I have been searching for liberty my whole life, but for a while I didn’t know what that really meant. I never bought in to the political party system and division tactics. I never registered to vote or participated in this corrupt and manipulated system. The first half of my life, I ignored the political system as much as possible. It was 9/11 that shook me awake, and I realized that the beast wasn’t going away. I spent the next 10 years engulfed in the alternative world news, from Alex Jones to Occupy Wall St, RT, and on and on. It was a bit overwhelming to say the least (especially Alex!).

It wasn’t until September of 2012, when I was watching a YouTube video of a girl in Texas being arrested on a bicycle that I found, among the thousands of comments, a link to The Free State Project. I dove in, and was so ecstatic that I signed the Statement of Intent that night.

I looked at houses in NH, and discovered the tiny house movement. Being a single, minimalist, outdoorsy freedom lover, this was perfect. I have always wanted to rewire my house with all 12v battery operated led lighting and electronics – enabling a permanent solar powered life. All of this came together perfectly, in a plan to sell my house and live permanently in an RV. It is pre-built, runs on 12v natively, and comes with a huge bonus of being mobile.

By 2014 I bought the camper, and spent a year living in my backyard as a trial run. The next summer, I bought a truck and tried a few short trips with my house on wheels. In 2016 I attended Liberty Forum for my very first visit to NH. This was an absolutely amazing experience, and I was instantly assured that this was better than I could have ever anticipated. This feeling was only amplified after attending PorcFest the same year.

I have some serious regrets about not visiting sooner, as that decision has literally cost me millions of dollars. When I first read about Bitcoin online in 2013, I realized its potential immediately. It was exchanging at $25-30 at the time. Although I couldn’t figure out how to get it or store it back then, I would have invested heavily into it. From the stories I’ve heard, all I would have had to do is show up at PorcFest and I would have learned about Bitcoin back when it was in the single digits… and I would have been able to buy and store it. So, there’s a lesson in procrastination I guess.

During the summer of 2016, I was offered a position with a new company that would enable me to telecommute. I was ready to hit the road. Come spring, I saw my family, tied up loose ends, hitched up, and headed to the ‘Shire. I explored the state, staying at some outrageously beautiful campgrounds.

Unfortunately, living on wheels in a campground does not qualify one as a permanent resident. I tried many different town and state offices pleading my case, and kept running into walls. They were not sympathetic to my situation, and could only repeatedly quote from their rule book that was written well before they were born. It was frustrating, exasperated by my take on government systems.

Then I recalled the few thousand friends that I had on standby, and I put out a public cry for help. The first response came within hours, and then the floodgates opened. Within a day, I had more options to choose from than I knew what to do with. This was my first post to any of the FSP groups, and I was completely overwhelmed with the response. I think my FB friends list doubled in a week! I eventually decided to rent an apartment short term to satisfy the archaic residency requirements.

The overwhelming feeling of happiness that I had when the clerk told me “It looks like you have everything you need” is indescribable. At that moment, I truly regained hope and have a new outlook on my future.

My dream is to build an open shared community on 100 acre woods, in the Free State, that would qualify as a permanent residence for whatever type of homes are built/parked on it. I think that project has a few years to come to fruition, but I won’t give up hope.

Brian Becker,
Moved June 2017


Dear ___Upset Gun Owners_____,

Dear ___Upset Gun Owners_____,

Where the hell have you been?
Didn’t you notice the groups out there fighting for years to salvage
freedom in this “land of the free”? That’s not even scratching the
surface of the rest of the world. Now it’s finally affecting you
personally, and holy shit!

I’d be happy to summarize the past 12 years for you if you’re finally interested. Which, again is just scratching the surface of the other 500 years of American corruption. Or do your own research…and NOT from the American “news” channels! I think you can still trust Google (**subject to change).

Google – Start with the Patriot act and NDAA. This gives the feds full right to silence the opposition with force (btw, you are currently the opposition). Also, if you care about freedom of speech, and want to be able to voice your opinions, keep googling; SOPA, PIPA, CISPA, etc. Once those bills become law, you may not be posting so freely on Facebook.

Let’s be honest, when this “democratic government” decides to take your guns, there is not a damn thing you can do about it. It’s too late. And good luck “not going down without a fight”… Have you seen their military that you’ve bought for them, and maybe even volunteered for? I’m pretty sure the number of automatic weapons and amount of ammo you own is irrelevant.

To be honest, I have been waiting for this “wake up America” for a long time. I just hope this is the real one, and not just another hot topic that will be forgotten next month when there’s new “Breaking News”. I hope they send the secret police door to door for this one. So far they’ve been smart and sneaky, destroying the constitution in moderation. This one actually caught some attention.
Lets hope it works.

Another Upset ___American______