Everyone knows that shit’s bad right now. Everyone.

It doesn’t seem like it because “they” control the news and made it taboo to talk about, but people are smart (or they have internet anyway).

Half of the planet is literally on fire. Costs have doubled, the worlds superpowers are at our doorstep, the dollar has lost whatever value it had left, people are randomly dropping dead, and the ones who caused this all are probably on vacation somewhere.

We need to connect locally more than ever right now. Meet your neighbors, build your networks, socialize your children.

Stop dreaming that the people trying to control you are going to set you free, or even be able to remotely undo the damage they have caused.

I’ve had hope before that one or two of them might be honest about their commitment to the people, but always disappointed when it comes down to it. Until now.


I met RFK Jr. at my neighbor’s house last weekend.

I’ve never voted in my life, but always thought that I might if there were someone worthwhile. This man has almost swayed me.

Full Video: RFK Jr speaks to Weare, NH on August 6, 2023

I missed his announcement in Boston, although it was only an hour away.

I also missed seeing him in June, but I was in the packed room for his introduction.

I was running the live stream outside so that the hundreds that couldn’t get in would still be able to see him… and I had to run out to start it up right as he was taking the stage.

It was recorded though, and we were able to watch it live from my campsite.

You can watch that full speech here…

Full Video: RFK Speaking at Porcfest in Lancaster, NH on June 22, 2023

I’ve been a fan of his since hearing about Children’s Health Defense back in 2020, and I love what I’ve heard from him at these talks. I trust Kennedy.

My only criticism so far is that he won’t promise to Free Ross.

Kennedy promised to immediately investigate Ross Ulbricht’s case, and if he felt that Ross was punished as an example, then he will give him clemency.

Anyone that spends 30 seconds looking at Ross’s “crime” vs. punishment will know that he was obviously punished as an example.

10 Years Later: Here’s What People Say About #RossUlbricht


❤️❤️ Ross Ulbricht’s Mom, Lyn, at my campsite surrounded by love after Porcfest ’23 ❤️❤️

I’ve been friends with Ross’s Mom Lyn since Anarchadelphia in 2019. I was actually talking with her at that event, and Ross happened to call from prison. Lyn put him on speaker, but I was literally speechless yet I had so much I wanted to say.

Brian and Lyn at the Anarchadelphia Pro Skate Competition

The drive and energy that Lyn has is truly remarkable as she has been fighting for over 10 years to find some justice for her son.

Ross was sentenced 200 years in prison for creating The Silk Road. Yes, double life sentence plus 40 years for creating a website. He’s going on 11 years now locked in a cage, which got worse in 2020 as lock-downs even affected prisons.

The website was the world’s first online marketplace that accepted Bitcoin. It created a virtual Silk Road where buyers and sellers from around the world could exchange online without any middle men.
And THAT is why he became an example.

I had the honor of introducing Lyn to Crosby, the owner of Roger’s Campground
(until I find a way to buy it from him) 😉


I also introduced Lyn to the filmmaker documenting the Crypto 6.

Yup, that’s a custom made J6 Insurrection pinball machine.
Gotta love Porcfest!

The Crypto 6 is a story about a few friends of mine that were raided at 6AM on March 16, 2021.

Over 50 federal agents from a soup of agencies broke through windows with Bearcats, sent in a drone, and pulled a sleeping couple out of their bed naked.

Because they used dollars inappropriately, or some stupid financial “crime” involving Bitcoin.

I wish I was exaggerating, but that was actually their response to a handful of non-violent money laundering charges.

Read her story here:

One of the Crypto 6 just went to prison for 18 months, which is why I now have a dog.

A few have worked out plea deals in exchange for the hope of less jail time.

And sentencing for the last one of the six is scheduled for the 11th of September. He had one of the best attorney’s, yet is facing almost 100 years in prison. For Bitcoin.

I’m not going to explain Bitcoin, or why it’s so much better than the dollar. RFK mentioned it in his talk at Weare, and is accepting it for campaign donations. It is a solution to many of our problems.

You know it must be good if the feds are locking up a young man for more than double life sentence, and busting down doors at 6am to try to stop it.

Maybe they’re scared of it.

If we fear them, and they fear Bitcoin, maybe using more Bitcoin would help us fear them less. 🤔


So, that leads me to me.
I am making my own example out of me. I like to inspire people, and encourage everyone to challenge yourself to be the best you can be.

I’ve built a business education center with co-working space, and classrooms, and started a weekly market on Friday. The business part is to help empower others to be able to create an independent business. The education is all about teaching our kids, and learning new skills from the experts in the community. The Wearehouse has meeting space, 3d printing, recording studio, virtual classrooms, library, plenty of land, and are located right in the heart of New Hampshire – Weare NH.


I only moved to this town in 2021, but have met some incredible people here. I jumped at the chance to get involved with the Weare Community Theater, and helped create The Pine Tree Riot play last year for the 250th anniversary of that event.

Cast of The Pine Tree Riot re-enactment April 9, 2022

I’ve also created a website for the town to use at It’s a model for what a town page could actually feel like… rather than the endless sea of forms and legalize on and most other .gov websites. is an effort to showcase the best parts of our local community, and promote local business and events… like the social gathering we’ve been enjoying on Friday’s, and some of the classes that will be hosted at The Wearehouse.

It is intended to be a model of what other towns could create as they begin to build stronger connections in their communities.

Video: Wearehouse Market Promo

Weare is just the beginning, and my larger focus is on all of New Hampshire. I Live Free every day, and owe some of that credit to this amazing place.


I am currently working on a project to create independent, decentralized media with local content produced in New Hampshire.

This utilizes decentralized technology to allow anyone to view, or broadcast content throughout New Hampshire.


DeCentralized Cloud Hosting at

I have a curriculum for teaching computer skills to the community. These classes will begin in September, but I’ve been practicing all summer with weekly Lunch & Learns, and an introductory class that I taught for Autonomy Unlimited. That class is available now at


Soon I will be starting up some space focused classes and events like a rocket club meetup for kids, and a weekly watch party for The Why Files video premiers. This will likely spawn a class to create our own tin foil hats.


Last, but not least, there’s YOU!!

If you would like to take part in any of these endeavors, you can join The Wearehouse at or sign up for the cloud hosting introduction class at

Our world is in jeopardy and we need to work together to solve the issues that we’re all facing. We have to connect with those around us, and form our own communities.

The people wanting to rule you, are not going to save you.

Well, let’s all hope that Kennedy is the exception.

Tom MacDonald & Adam Calhoun – “American Flags”

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Build Back Becker

… in an effort to free the world for my daughter and granddaughter.

I just stood in the center of the Universe.
Right in the middle of my house, which is the most visible house in Weare. Weare has the coolest history out of any town in the state. Weare is located in the heart of New Hampshire. New Hampshire has been rated #1 in freedom out of all 50 states, for many years in a row. The states are part of the best country in the world. Our world is the center of our universe.

While I’m generally living ultimate freedom as a nomad, I have been staying in New Hampshire for most of 2020 though today.

This place has the history that other states could only dream of. Fast forward 250 years, and here’s what we have today…

I fell in love with Weare when I read about it’s rich history, and soon thereafter I purchased a beautiful colonial farmhouse built in the 1700’s, which has been newly converted in to community office space.

Weare is where my heart is, and I truly enjoy being part of the amazing community here. The Wearehouse is an awesome space, and I love sharing it with the many people that are working to build a brighter future.

Last year I assisted with the play to retell the story of The Pine Tree Riot for the 250th anniversary. We brought the past to life with a re-enactment of the events that took place that day in 1772.

This year I’m starting a series of classes called Build Back Becker to teach computer skills for creating the network of yesterday. We are live streaming them on our own servers, to be shared out to the world. 

I’ve also created a website to promote our history, and local businesses. is an association to manage the website content, and request additions. It’s almost like a BBB or COC, but I really don’t know what it will be when it grows up.

I’m also part of the second play that will be performed in August of this year. This one is about the hurricane and flood in the 1930’s. Our Weare Community Theater group formed last year, and pulled together an incredible performance. Especially considering the couple of months that we had to pull it all together. has the links to the action.

We are launching our first community market day on April 21.

Then on Saturday morning, we are cleaning up 2 miles of South Stark Highway, before heading to the Pine Tree Riot anniversary celebration sponsored by Americans for Prosperity.


Ironically, on April 19th, I opened a letter explaining that I would be in default on the loan if I don’t prove them that I paid all $16.29  that is overdue to the theft department by April 21.

I imagine there’s a good chance that number is up to 17.72 by now.

So that’s where we’re at on 4/20.

This is what makes it all worthwhile…

Meet Brian

Hello World! I am Brian Becker, and I am living Free in New Hampshire. Please take a moment to get to know me below, and understand how I see the world. Once you know me, I would love to meet you.

If you’re ready to schedule a date, please add yourself to my calendar

The Idea(s)

My “Liberty Resume” can explain the Who, What, When, Weare and How of the projects that I’ve been dedicating most of my life to in order to advance Liberty in our Lifetime.

While I am practically retired now, my career history has been pretty extensive over the past 30 years. See my experience on LinkedIn or in my Professional Resume

If you are inspired by any of the projects, please reach out soon while we are forming the teams. I genuinely feel that we have everything we need to thrive right here in New Hampshire, and all of the wheels are already in motion. Weare just waiting for YOU!

Please let me know how you can help at

Please also consider contributing financially to keep the ideas alive. offers multiple options to donate, which might just sustain this long enough to still be here when you actually need it.

The Wearehouse
445 S Stark Hwy
Weare, NH 03281

The Wearehouse

It’s been one year since I first laid my eyes on this place, and it has been an epic journey getting here

Weare it Began…

Red Pill Expo after party, at The Jekyll Island Club resort
Red Pill Expo after party, at The Jekyll Island Club resort
(The dozens of friends I made there are still some of the coolest people on earth)

Jekyll Island

Last October I traveled from New Hampshire to Jekyll Island to attend Red Pill Expo with G. Edward Griffin. The event was amazing, but having the privilege to hang out with G Edward in the building where the Federal Reserve Act was signed in 1913… just WOW.
This likely completed the majority of my bucket list all in one day.

Ed (yeah, I did that 😉 wrote the book about the Federal Reserve called The Creature from Jekyll Island. And here I am, sitting with him at the Jekyll Island Club on Jekyll Island.
I felt the world change that day.


The current chapter in my story began last November. The last chapter was a wild one, so I should probably write that one next. But for now, this began as an idea. An idea I had one night while living in my camper down by the river… in all of Florida’s beauty.

I was staying at a friend’s house on the lake in Tavares, FL. I had actually just met him a few weeks earlier during Red Pill.

And while in Florida for just a month, I met Dr Andrew Kaufmann and Del Bigtree – and met some great people at Zen Awakening 2020

So, while watching the world fall apart from my easy chair in paradise, I realized that the only way to stop the freight train that’s trying to run us all over was U.N.I.T.Y.

Counter the Divide

I have friends that I met through Porcfest and the Free State Project, Liberty Forum, Anarchapulco, Red Pill Expo, Anarchizona, and Anarchadelphia.

I have thousands of friends – but that’s not what I mean by unity. I mean; we need to UNITE where the MSM and politicians are trying to create division. They don’t want us working together because we might realize that WE DON’T NEED THEM. They create narratives to divide people based on political silos, fringe issues, color, and anything else they can think of.

I have seen this division with multiple movements that have had the potential to actually change the world. Bitcoin forked, Anarchapulco forked, Porcfest forked, and the FSP essentially forked in 2016. These were all caused by unnecessary drama, relatively created out of thin air. Today, you can see the attempts at division growing stronger, but the tyranny is forcing us to be stronger and unite.

The Idea

My idea is to create a platform for all of the groups in the world to be able to share their common goals and ideas, and still be able to express their individuality. I don’t know what exactly sparked the idea, but could have been the lighter sparking the joint. I don’t smoke often, but have been experimenting now and then for a year or so. I still don’t recommend it, but have I had some pretty intense highdeas on occasion. This was one of them.

I have been part of the Free State Project for almost 10 years now. I didn’t move until 2016, but have supported it since the day I first read about it in a random youtube comment. There are about 20,000 liberty minded people actively trying to move to New Hampshire to create a free state.

This is going great, and we’ve built an incredible thing that has never been tried before. Although, there have been numerous hurdles. The project gained tremendous attention in 2016 when we hosted Edward Snowden at Liberty Forum. We also triggered the move by reaching 20,000 pledge signatures.

I found out about the Freedom Cell Network in the summer of 2020. I immediately recognized the value in this system, as it’s designed to bring people together for the purpose of building a network of freedom loving people by networking with others in your area.

I decided that the best way to achieve unity was to combine my two favorite projects into a new Free State Project Freedom Cell. This could be HUGE. Using the existing resources of the Freedom Cell social media network, we could organize the people in New Hampshire, and also connect them with others that haven’t made it here yet.

New Hampshire

The people living in New Hampshire as part of the Free State Project are some of the most experienced and freedom minded people in the world. They have dedicated most of their life to creating Liberty in our Lifetime. We have been building communities, creating alternatives to the corporate systems, and preparing for economic collapse on a global level. Some of us for over ten years now.

So here I am, exactly where I’m meant to be. I’m in the center of New Hampshire, the freest state in the “freest country” in the world. I chose the perfect location on a map, I put my finger on it, and underneath was the house of my dreams. Literally.

I now own a place in Weare, NH on John Stark Highway, about halfway between two of the largest cities in NH. Weare is part of the reason you have any freedom today. This was due to one of the first acts of rebellion against the tyranny of England on April 14, 1772. I would highly recommend reading about the Pine Tree Riots to understand the significance of this town.

Live Free or Die

John Stark Highway runs right through the center of town. General John Stark wrote Live Free or Die: Death is not the worst of evils, back in July of 1809, and it still rings true today. Just as the phrase written by John Locke describing an appeal to heaven

An Appeal to Heaven
And where the body of the people, or any single man, is deprived of their right, or is under the exercise of a power without right, and have no appeal on earth, then they have a liberty to appeal to heaven, whenever they judge the cause of sufficient moment.
And therefore, though the people cannot be judge, so as to have, by the constitution of that society, any superior power, to determine and give effective sentence in the case; yet they have, by a law antecedent and paramount to all positive laws of men, reserved that ultimate determination to themselves which belongs to all mankind, where there lies no appeal on earth, viz. to judge, whether they have just cause to make their appeal to heaven.

John Locke. “Second Treatise on Civil Government”.
– Chapter 3 Sect. 20-21 & Chapter 14 Sect. 16

Death is not the worst of evils.

If you know me, you know I’m not afraid of death – it’s the people that I leave behind that I worry about. I have lived every day of my life as if it could be my last, and I’ve enjoyed every bit of it. I will never give that up, but will also never give up my freedom.

I may not have much time left. I don’t know how I’ll go, or where I’ll go – but there are many things that could take me there now. Besides the fact that I smoke, drink, and eat almost entirely processed junk food, I’m also putting myself at risk of being Ross’d or Suicided/Clintoned.

I would prefer the latter, as I wouldn’t want my family to go through the pain that my dear friend Lyn must feel every day with her son locked in a cage for making a website.


The Free State Project Freedom Cell is not a group, or anything like that. It’s just a way to organize people around the state of New Hampshire, and be able to set up networks for food, shelter, communication, events, community, and anything else detrimental to our freedom and survival. We intend to thrive, and be the change we’d like to see in the world.

Honestly, this is the idea that I expect to gain the most traction. It encompasses almost everything that we’re looking to achieve. The Freedom Cell Network has grown in just a couple of years to over 20 thousand of the best people on earth. We are working on our exit strategy to build independence in our lives. The Free State Project reached 20,000 pledges in February 2016, but didn’t come with much of a plan to organize those people.

Being such an independent individual, instead of suggesting “Somebody should…”, I decided to start working on a plan. I registered while still in Florida, and started my b-line back to New Hampshire to start looking for a home base for this new project.

Although I was certain that I’d have hundreds of people excited for this new hybrid merger of FSP and FC, I also accept the fact that there are probably thousands of other projects already in the works here in NH. It would be up to me to market this one myself.

The Wearehouse

As I arrived back to New Hampshire just in time for Thanksgiving, I set my sights on buying property. Initially, I planned to buy everything I could afford to finance, since I knew the ideas in my head would start to manifest lots of attention and new movers looking for housing.

I didn’t really consider buying commercial property, although it’s always been a dream of mine. I was working with Constance at Porcupine Real Estate, and also frantically watching Zillow and Redfin. I found a few multi-family houses, and fixer uppers, and even toured a couple. Constance tipped me off to Homesnap, which would ultimately change my life.

Then I realized I needed to narrow my search down to something more specific than the entire state of New Hampshire. I thought for a while, and decided that if I were to pick any town, it would be Weare because of their revolutionary history. Once I committed to that, I thought “Where in Weare?”. Well, there’s a highway running right through the center of the town named after General John Stark. Perfect!

I followed that highway with my finger on the map. This wasn’t a real estate map, I was just looking for the location and planned to figure out the real estate later. So, my thoughts were to try being as close to a major city, while also staying fairly central to the two nearest cities – Concord and Manchester. Once I traced John Stark highway to it’s Southernmost point in Weare (closest to Manchester), I had the perfect location.

South Weare has most of the commerce too. There’s Stark House Tavern, Dunkin Donuts, Lanctot’s Grocery, NAPA, and many other shops. I knew instantly that this was the perfect place for me to start my property search.

It didn’t take long after selecting my dream location. I checked Homesnap for South Stark Hwy, Weare, NH – and there it was! The property had been for sale for over a year, and was just reduced in price by $70k. It was miraculous. I can’t even describe how I felt that day, knowing that I just had to have it.

Message to my realtor the day I found The Wearehouse

That’s right… $250k in a market that you could barely touch anything residential for under $500k! So, I knew my next actions had to be very swift, and well planned. I couldn’t even show how excited I was for fear that someone else would come in to outbid me. This felt like a war, even though I was the only one involved. I started the process immediately, and had the offer accepted on the 19th! I actually managed to get all of the office furnishings included – which was likely around $15k of desks, chairs, etc.

I then started working with the banks, and trying to scrape together $70k in cash required for the down payment. We we finally able to close on March 4, 2021 after what seemed like very excessive feet dragging from the bank. I was fairly convinced (without evidence) that they didn’t want to give me the loan so they could buy it themselves.

I was on top of the world this day, and haven’t come down since.
(I also went through the entire closing being the only one in the building without a mask)

And there it is. The Wearehouse was born. Time for some action!

2020 is Hindsight


I can’t believe the year we’ve just had. It’s been a tough one for everyone, but I really hope you are all still hanging in there.

I feel like I’ve been going non-stop since June, but I am loving every minute of it. Before I begin to recall the events of 2020, I should probably state that I’ve seen through the BS and propaganda since the beginning. I don’t trust the people that call themselves government, or their media that’s trying to polish their turds. With that said, I’m not going in to details about any of it – just wanted to clarify before I start raving about the thousands of people I’ve been in contact with.

I began 2020 in Atlantic City, where I stayed for a month. I drove from there up to NH for Liberty Forum in Feb, and then back down to my site in AC. I stopped for a bit in Philly and DC before I headed to Charlotte, NC. I was living In Charlotte for a couple weeks when the ‘rona madness started, so I didn’t get the brunt of it like the New Yorkers did. I won’t get into that much here, but as you might guess I have a LOT of opinions on it.

Ultimately, it didn’t affect me much… I continued working and living as usual, just without bars and casinos (so my wallet is happier). After Charlotte started closing up shops around the end of March, I decided to boondock for a while. I drove from Walmart to Walmart for almost a month, running on Solar power and free water at truck stops.

Myrtle Beach was just starting to open up to the public in May, and I was there on day 1.
I stayed in a beautiful campground right on the ocean for a weekend, while I toured the city again for the first time in 30 years. I found one bar that was open for drinks – without restrictions (FINALLY!). The beach was nice and weather was perfect.

One place on my bucket list has always been Jekyll Island. If you’re not familiar with the history, there’s a book called “The Creature from Jekyll Island” that I’d highly recommend. I haven’t read it, but I know the story and met the author last year. TL;DR: it’s where the Federal Reserve started after a secret meeting of America’s wealthiest men (JP. Morgan, Rockefeller, etc). The Federal Reserve still continues to control the dollar that you use every day – and it’s NOT a government entity, it’s private.

The Jekyll Island Club – In 1910 the Federal Reserve Act was drafted in a secret meeting here.

So, I went to see where history happened. I have hours of video that I’ll sift through someday, but I have to admit it’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve been. Spanish moss hanging from huge Oak trees, perfectly groomed sidewalks covering the entire island, historic buildings very well preserved, and a beach that runs for miles. The island is a combination of state preserves, and extreme wealth that just showcases the utopia that the rich and powerful strive for. It’s disgustingly beautiful.I had planned on staying another week to get more video, but I actually cut my stay short.

Rode my scooter 3 miles before the battery died. Guess who walked 3 miles back…

On my last night, I tried to boondock in one of their huge empty “public” parking lots right on the beach. That lasted until about 10PM when Gomer Pyle came up to politely let me know that “the owner” would make him ticket me if he saw me there. I’m not sure who “the owner” is, but I left anyway. Drove back to Brunswick, GA for the night and started my trip to NY in the morning. On the way to NY I stopped again in CLT and WV for brief visits. CLT bars were just starting to open back up, so I had a drink in public there. It’s amazing how much that feels like an accomplishment. BTW, Georgia bars and restaurants were mostly open while I was there. No facemask requirements, except maybe for some employees. It’s appearing that Georgia could be moving close to one of the freest states in the country.

Actions like this speak louder than words. As much as I was hoping New Hampshire would be the trendsetter, I think New Hampshire’s governor chose money over freedom. Just one more reason I think money IS the problem, and we need to control that before anything else ever changes. (Read: Bitcoin)

Soooo anyway… I made it back to NY by Memorial Day, and booked a site at The Ridge in NY for the month. Was nice to actually camp, like with friends, and campfires and such. For four years I’ve been living in a camper, but rarely do it like this.

Camping at The Ridge, Leroy, NY

I stayed long enough to attend a “drive by” graduation, and visit more friends.

I will finish this page someday, but 2021 has been off to a great start… Posting as is for now, and hope to add the 2nd half of the year soon!


I have been a gypsy for the past couple of years. My house in NY is almost sold, I have already moved to New Hampshire, and have been living out of my RV full time.
It’s WONDERFUL! and I would highly recommend considering it if you can somehow manage to make that drastic of a change in your life.
I have never been fond of winter or lack of freedom in NY, as most aren’t, so I decided to do something about it. I now spend the cold half of the year somewhere in the South part of the country. It’s the ultimate freedom to just travel anywhere/anytime and move on when you feel like it.

I was originally inspired by watching videos on tiny houses, and realized that would fit my housing need perfectly. I didn’t even think of going the mobile route until I started pricing tiny houses, and permanent plots of land to build it on. This also comes with the limitations put on by the government, which can restrict minimum house size, zoning, septic, water, etc. The list really goes on and on, but that’s beside the point of this. So, the expense and limitations really got me considering alternatives.

When I realized that a mobile house would be even more ideal for me than a tiny house, I also remembered when I first saw inside a motor home around the age of 10. I decided that when I moved away from home, a camper would be what I would live in. Now I’ve finally made that dream a reality.

Most of my initial conceptions have proven to be a bit inaccurate, although I have also exceeded my expectations in some other ways.  My original plan was to retire if necessary, purchase a huge RV with the money from selling my house, run everything from 12v power charged by the sun, stay in free campgrounds or maybe spend $1,000 for a 6 month season. I would create the most eco-friendly, inexpensive, minimalist life, that would permit me the ultimate freedom to travel and  see the world in style.

Well now this missed me a little bit. The reality is that it can be pretty expensive to live this life. The gas alone can run about $20 per every 100 miles. The cheap campsites range from $500 – $1,2000/month. Plus the maintenance on the vehicles is basically doubled.

The trailer that I bought was $15k and then the truck that I chose to pull it was about $40k. The decision on what type of RV to get is a big one. There are 5th wheel coaches, all in one motor homes, and tow behind travel trailers. I chose to go with the truck/trailer so that I could drop the trailer in a place to create a home base, while using the truck to mozy around town like a normal person. I purchased the trailer before I got the truck. I had it delivered, and spent a year with it parked in my backyard in NY. During this time, I made it my home and moved stuff in little by little.

I emptied out the house,  and gave away almost everything I owned. I then realized that I was still somewhat of a hoarder and needed someplace to keep the remainder of stuff that I didn’t want to haul around the country. So, I ended up getting a 14′ cargo trailer to use as my semi-mobile storage unit. This was about $4,000. This part was optional, and not in my original plan. It made it much easier to finish cleaning out the house for sale though. I plan to purchase a vacant plot of land, where I can leave the cargo trailer, and use the land as needed for a home away from home.

There are options for staying free at various public lands, but you will need to fill the water tanks, pay for propane to run the fridge and heat, and dump the wastewater every few days. This is still my favorite option though since it’s much more relaxed. You don’t need reservations, or have to pay in advance for the length of time that you think you’ll want. You also have your choice of sites. I bought a generator, so I never worry about running out of power. I also plan to upgrade the battery and solar system soon, since it’s currently not capable of powering everything that I’ve connected to my grid. Being single, the water tanks will last about 4-5 days including regular showers.

While your results may vary, I was fortunate to step into a job that would permit me to work from anywhere, and pay the bills. The job also took care of one of my biggest hurdles, which was unlimited internet access. I researched mobile internet for many months, and came to the conclusion that there is no such thing as unlimited. ISP‘s are one of the biggest monopolies in the country, and are diligently working to make you pay per byte. This is also known as censorship.

To be continued…

Free State Project

BrianI am a father, anarchist, minimalist, business owner, and systems engineer. I have traveled throughout the country, cruised around the Caribbean, and visited Europe. I have lived my whole life in the small town of Bergen, NY. It is a great community, with the unfortunate geographic issue of being located in the least free state in the country.

I have been searching for liberty my whole life, but for a while I didn’t know what that really meant. I never bought in to the political party system and division tactics. I never registered to vote or participated in this corrupt and manipulated system. The first half of my life, I ignored the political system as much as possible. It was 9/11 that shook me awake, and I realized that the beast wasn’t going away. I spent the next 10 years engulfed in the alternative world news, from Alex Jones to Occupy Wall St, RT, and on and on. It was a bit overwhelming to say the least (especially Alex!).

It wasn’t until September of 2012, when I was watching a YouTube video of a girl in Texas being arrested on a bicycle that I found, among the thousands of comments, a link to The Free State Project. I dove in, and was so ecstatic that I signed the Statement of Intent that night.

I looked at houses in NH, and discovered the tiny house movement. Being a single, minimalist, outdoorsy freedom lover, this was perfect. I have always wanted to rewire my house with all 12v battery operated led lighting and electronics – enabling a permanent solar powered life. All of this came together perfectly, in a plan to sell my house and live permanently in an RV. It is pre-built, runs on 12v natively, and comes with a huge bonus of being mobile.

By 2014 I bought the camper, and spent a year living in my backyard as a trial run. The next summer, I bought a truck and tried a few short trips with my house on wheels. In 2016 I attended Liberty Forum for my very first visit to NH. This was an absolutely amazing experience, and I was instantly assured that this was better than I could have ever anticipated. This feeling was only amplified after attending PorcFest the same year.

I have some serious regrets about not visiting sooner, as that decision has literally cost me millions of dollars. When I first read about Bitcoin online in 2013, I realized its potential immediately. It was exchanging at $25-30 at the time. Although I couldn’t figure out how to get it or store it back then, I would have invested heavily into it. From the stories I’ve heard, all I would have had to do is show up at PorcFest and I would have learned about Bitcoin back when it was in the single digits… and I would have been able to buy and store it. So, there’s a lesson in procrastination I guess.

During the summer of 2016, I was offered a position with a new company that would enable me to telecommute. I was ready to hit the road. Come spring, I saw my family, tied up loose ends, hitched up, and headed to the ‘Shire. I explored the state, staying at some outrageously beautiful campgrounds.

Unfortunately, living on wheels in a campground does not qualify one as a permanent resident. I tried many different town and state offices pleading my case, and kept running into walls. They were not sympathetic to my situation, and could only repeatedly quote from their rule book that was written well before they were born. It was frustrating, exasperated by my take on government systems.

Then I recalled the few thousand friends that I had on standby, and I put out a public cry for help. The first response came within hours, and then the floodgates opened. Within a day, I had more options to choose from than I knew what to do with. This was my first post to any of the FSP groups, and I was completely overwhelmed with the response. I think my FB friends list doubled in a week! I eventually decided to rent an apartment short term to satisfy the archaic residency requirements.

The overwhelming feeling of happiness that I had when the clerk told me “It looks like you have everything you need” is indescribable. At that moment, I truly regained hope and have a new outlook on my future.

My dream is to build an open shared community on 100 acre woods, in the Free State, that would qualify as a permanent residence for whatever type of homes are built/parked on it. I think that project has a few years to come to fruition, but I won’t give up hope.

Brian Becker,
Moved June 2017


My First Post

So, I have finally decided to start a blog, and Google ( seemed like a logical place to host it.
I don’t have much to say at the moment, so I’ll start by offering some links to my electronic world.

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There you have it. I am a computer geek, and poker player, so 99% of this blog will probably be about these topics since they consume 99% of my life.  I started this blog just for a place to share some of my life experiences for the world to learn from.