Cool things to do with your Android phone.

So, now that you’ve got the best phone on the market, how do you use it????

This is not necessarily a how to for any of these things. It is just a list of super cool things that can be done with your phone with a little time & effort… and a lot of google searching.

Install Apps

Open the market application and search

Check Email from multiple accounts

Install K-9 Mail

Watch live TV

You would need to purchase a Slingbox

You also need the SlingPlayer app for Android

Play Poker

Full Tilt offers Rush Poker app for Android

You need to change your application settings to “Allow applications from unknown sources”

Scan Barcodes

Install Barcode Scanner

Listen to your MP3 collection

Install GMote on your desktop and phone

Open ports on your firewall 8889 & 9901 to your computer


Listen to other music

Install Pandora Radio and create a free account

Run Windows

This is a bit tricky, but well worth the trouble.

You need to have a computer at home running at least Windows XP professional

You must “Allow Remote Desktop connections” from your computer.

Open port 3389 on your firewall

Sign up for a free account

Configure your computer to update that account with your current IP address

Install Remote Desktop on Android ($19.95)

Connect to your dyndns address

Live webcam backgrounds

Change your background automatically with various world webcams

Install WorldTour

Listen to the news

Install Scanner Radio

Cancel phone service.

Seriously… it’s possible. But I wouldn’t recommend it YET.

You can actually use the droid to make and receive calls with a local phone # of your choice.

AFAIK, there is only one true way to do this

  1. Sign up for Google Voice.
    1. Create your phone number, and add your Gizmo number as a forwarded phone.
  2. Install GrooveIP
    1. Configure this to use your Google Voice account
  3. Connect to WiFi and make some VOIP calls
    1. Phone calls are placed through your Google Voice account. I believe US calls are free, and international are about .02/minute.
    2. I believe incoming calls are free
    3. **You DO need an internet connection of some sort. It can be a data only plan, or WiFi
  4. Ask yourself WHY do I pay $60/month for cell phone service.

Backup your apps

Install Titanium Backup